Focus Areas

Sustainable and climate resilient agriculture

To enable farmers to adapt to climate change and build resilience into agriculture and food production.

Improving Household Food and Nutrition

Establishing homestead gardens to provide green vegetables year round to add dietary diversity and improve household nutrition by

Reviving underutilized foods

Reviving wild, semi domesticated and underutilized foods to enhance the food basket and make available additional nutrition to the family

Collection, Characterization and Conservation of Agrobiodiversity

Collection, characterization and conservation of the genetic diversity of crop plants, especially rice, to increase seed choices and stabilize agriculture

Community-led Seed Production

Village communities are being trained to produce quality seed of crops of local importance, to ensure timely supply of quality seed

Income Generation Activities

SHGs and Farmer Clubs are provided training to produce value added products from locally available bioresources

WADI Program

GC began the WADI program in Jharkhand aiming for a comprehensive approach to ecological restoration, rural development, food and nutrition security

Documentation & Protection of Indigenous Knowledge (IK)

Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge of tribal communities has been done to protect their knowledge from biopiracy; GC campaigns for a law to protect IK

Advocacy to Protect Farmers’ Rights

Gene Campaign’s successful advocacy to reject seed patents and bring in a novel sui generis law to grant legal rights to farmers over seed led to India’s unique PPV- FR legislation

Advocacy to Regulate GM Crops

Through public education and legal action, Gene Campaign works to get stringent biosafety testing, accountability and technical competence in the regulatory systems for GM crops

Training and capacity building

Training programs for rural and tribal communities help to build capacity in improving agriculture and increasing food , nutrition & livelihood security

Policy Advocacy

As a rights based campaign organization, GC has fought successfully to get a biodiversity law and is active on the issues of IK, IPR & biopiracy, Seeds Bill & technology adoption.

Rights Awareness of Rural and Adivasi Communities

Having fought for legal rights, GC works with village communities using multimedia programs to create awareness about the rights given to them in law

Security of food, nutrition and livelihoods for all.


To work for a just and equitable policy framework and research incorporating traditional and modern science, to enable sustainable agriculture, self reliant farmers and food for all.