20 Years of Gene Campaign

Twenty years after it began, Gene Campaign is recognized as a competent research and advocacy organization working on the conservation of genetic resources and indigenous knowledge, farmers and community rights, sustainable agriculture, food, nutrition and livelihood security, The group works together with the scientific community, students and youth, cultural activists, environmental groups, consumer groups, women’s’ groups, human rights and social justice groups. It has worked with farmers’ organizations and rural and I communities, in its efforts to influence and change policy and laws on the ownership and use of bioresources. In addition to a national network, Gene Campaign has linkages with civil society groups working in developing and developed countries.

As it looks ahead at the next twenty years, Gene Campaign reiterates its gratitude to the large number of people who have supported its work over the years , stood by its side and provided intellectual, physical and other manner of support. The Campaign commits itself to intensifying its efforts to move closer to its vision of Security of Food, Nutrition and Livelihoods for All.

We will continue to work for the empowerment of farmers, especially women farmers, to set the agenda for research that addresses the problems of the farm family, to demand greater investment in agriculture and their due share of natural resources, for an extension service for technical support and trouble shooting , for fair and remunerative pricing that will enable the farm family to have better lives for themselves and their children, for a voice in policy making and for better infrastructure in the village to stem the flow of impoverished farmers forced to set aside their dignity and self-respect to eke out a living in the city.